Sefi Muñoz

I started in this world at age 16 initially as a piercer, I was fortunate to work, learn and have the support of the best. I have 16 years of experience in this sector. I perform any type of drilling. My work does not end at the end of the puncture because I follow my clients very closely. I am very meticulous, strict in the hygiene, and in the care of the piercing.
Later I started in the tattoo, because when working always in studio I could count on the help and advice of my colleagues that I owe a lot to today and thanks to them I learned and I am where I am. In tattooing I’ve only been 8 years, and every day I continue to learn and expand knowledge.
My favorite styles are Black and Gray realism, dotwork, sacred geometry and abstract realism. But I really do any kind of styles with no problem.
I have worked in studios and with artists of great renown and media repercussions. I work for a short time in Berlin, and I have attended numerous national and international conventions.